Triple Trouble in California

05 Jul 2016

Spiders are naturally scary. When you take a look at them, with their eight spindly legs, swollen abdomen, you might feel a bit of fear. Knowing that they can bite you with those needle sharp fangs is another thing that adds to the notoriety of spiders. Despite all of their eerie characteristics, most of the spiders you find around your home are not dangerous. If you were to get bit by a garden spider, it might feel like a bee sting, but it isn’t going to make you sick. There are a few spiders living in California that are dangerous. Here are the top 3, brought to you by your friends at Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

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Recluse Photo Credit: Mike Keeling on Flickr

Black Widow:

Beware the Black Widow; she holds the number one spot on the list. Black widow bites should always be followed up with a trip to the hospital. Black widow venom contains latrotoxin, which targets your nervous system. The toxin makes the nerves in your body release a ton of neurotransmitters. The result is you are going to be in a lot of pain, followed by intense muscle cramps. You might even experience nausea and difficulty with breathing. Black Widows love garages, sheds, wood pile, and basements.

Brown Recluse:

The most unfortunate thing about the brown recluse is that it is hard to recognize. People will say that you need to look for a violin shape on its head and back, but that is difficult since there are hundreds of brown spiders that all look the same. Brown recluse spiders love stacks of wood and cardboard. If you get bit you may experience fever, nausea, or a general feeling of discomfort or sickness. In extreme cases the venom from their bites can cause skin necrosis. Like black widows, if you get bit you should seek medical attention. If possible catch the offending spider and take it with you on your trip to the hospital. This will help the medical staff identify the spider.

Mouse Spider:

The first thing you will notice about the mouse spider is it is big. Females can grow to be about four and half inches. That is longer than a credit card. They are also covered in a fine hair. This fine hair gives them a mouse like appearance. They are venomous and can deliver a painful bite with their massive fangs. Their venom is not dangerous like that of a black widow, but you are going to feel a lot of pain at the bite site. You might even experience sweating, nausea and difficulty breathing.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control

You do not have to share your home, garage, or yard with dangerous spiders. If you walk into your shed and notice that it has been infested with black widows, you can give us a call. Our technicians will eliminate any spider infestation. Your safety is important to us, we will eradicate the spiders that are causing you concern. When you want spider control in southern California, you need Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

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