Pest Control In California

Never worry about pest infestations again!

Bull’s Eye Pest Control has been operating in Southern California for years servicing homes in residential pest control for a wide range of pests. Our trained pest technicians are ready to inspect any property, assess the level of infestation, if any, and how to remove it. Once the pest removal process has been completed, we’ll ensure they never come back with a pest prevention plan specific to your property.

Our Philosophy

Preventing Pests Costs Much Less Than Removing Them

Save yourself a few hundred dollars by starting a unique pest prevention customized for your property and never worry about a pest infestation again! Pest removal can be a costly service depending on the size of the infestation. You can avoid expensive service costs entirely by preventing an infestation from ever happening with any of our pest prevention plans. Call us today for a free inspection, and we’ll be happy to start you in the right direction to becoming pest free for good!

Our Skills

Pest Control – Pest Removal – Pest Prevention

Don’t end up in a statistic. Start preventing pests from beginning an incursion on your property now and save yourself the hassle and the cost of removing an infestation. Bull’s Eye Pest Control provides professional services designed for maximum efficiency in removing existing pest presence and preventing them. If you’ve ever seen a silverfish, ant or cockroach crawling across your floor or counter, give us a call for a free pest inspection. If you have anything, we’ll let you know and know how to handle it. If not, we’ll still recommend a prevention package for your property, but either way, we can part ways with you being pest free!

% of Worlds Food Supply Contaminated By Rodents 20%
% of Allergists Who Believe A Pest Free Home Is Key To Less Allergies 97%
% of Home Owners Who Reported Having Ant Control Problems 56%