Spiders, Which Ones to Fear

25 Apr 2016


If you have arachnophobia, you fear all spiders, even if they aren’t a threat because to you, all spiders are a threat. However, there are some common household spiders that are as harmless as ladybugs. These spiders cannot bite you, they only look a little creepy. That doesn’t mean you should a decorate a bedroom for them, but if you see them inside, there’s no need to panic. Just calmly walk to the phone and tell Bull’s Eye Pest Control to come over ASAP. But there are several varieties of spider that are quite dangerous and if you see them in or near your home, it is alright to be wary. Of course, we are not suggesting a massive panic, just keep your distance and again, calmly call one of our professional technicians to save you.

The ones to fear

Spiders have definitely been given a bad rap. Sure, they look freaky but the biggest reason for fear is for the several arachnids that bite and inflict pain and death. People are afraid of sharks and bears for those reasons, however they don’t typically sneak inside your house. Spiders do and it’s something to be cautious of. Bull’s Eye Pest Control is skilled at spider removal and keeping your home free of these scary invaders. In California, these are a few of the spiders to keep an eye out for:

The recluse spiders

California has several types of recluse spiders. They all look very similar to each other, though their size and coloring may be a little different. The most common ones are the Arizona recluse, the Baja recluse, the Chilean recluse, the desert recluse, Martha’s recluse and Russell’s recluse. All these spiders are often mistaken for the brown recluse, but the brown recluse doesn’t live in California. However, these recluse spiders are known to cause the same reaction and are just as dangerous so beware.

The widow spiders

California has two types of widow spiders, the black widow and the brown widow. The black widow is the most commonly known with its shiny, black body and red hourglass marking on its abdominal underside. The brown widow is a tan or dark brown color. This spider also has the hourglass shape but one some spiders it’s red and on others it’s a brown color. Both of these widow spiders are equally dangerous and can cause severe reactions, eventually leading to death if medical attention is not sought immediately.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control will keep you safe

There is a reason most people fear spiders and it’s due to the dangerous and painful bites they inflict. Keeping your home free of these fearful arachnids is a difficult job for most homeowners but not for Bull’s Eye Pest Control. Scheduling routine treatments and inspections will make sure that your home stays spider free year round. Give us a call today to keep you and your family safe.

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