Identifying characteristics of Black Widows and Black Widow Webs

07 Mar 2016


When you see a black spider, you might immediately think you are looking at a black widow. Unfortunately, there are a lot of spiders that are black. The only color more common than black among spiders is brown. Most black spiders are harmless, only the black widow contains potentially lethal levels of the dangerous neurotoxin that attacks your nervous system. Luckily, black widows come equipped with markings and signs that are easy to recognize.

The Telltale Signs of the Black Widow

  • The Red Hour Glass: On the abdomen of the black widow there is a red hour glass. The marking is on her underside, so sometimes you will have to wait for her to move in order to see the mark. Sometimes the marking is not hour glass shaped, but will look more like a red line.
  • Long Spindly legs: Unlike other black spiders, black widows have long spindly legs. All eight legs connect to the cephalothorax.
  • Bulbous Abdomen: Black widows have an abdomen that is the most massive part of her body. Colors range from inky black to dark brown.
  • Messy Web: When you think of spider webs, you might think of the large webs made by garden spiders, or funnel webs spun by wolf spiders. The black widow web is unlike both of these. If you take a close look at a black widow web, you will notice that it is a haphazard tangle of strands that look like they were thrown together by a drunk. Black widow webs are messy. There will always be bits of debris in their webs and they are often constructed close to the ground.
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