Bull’s Eye Pest Control Services

Bull’s Eye Pest control services has been servicing homes and other residential properties across southern California for years, providing pest inspections, removal and prevention against over 15 different pests local to California.


If you know that you have a pest problem on your property or just want to prevent one, give your local Bull’s Eye Pest branch a call and ask about a free pest inspection!


In just 3 steps, we’ll have you pest free in no time!


Step one, find the pests with a thorough pest inspection. We’ll dig deep inside and out of your property to seek out any existing or potential pest problems.


Step two, remove any existing pest problem we find during the first step using eco-friendly pest control methods, specialized for minimal impact on the surround area.


Step three, prevent a future pest infestation from ever taking hold from here on out to keep you pest free 24/7/365!

Common Pests We Deal With


Ants are one of the most commonly recognized pests on the planet. What really matters is identifying the type to really solve the ant problem, but leave that up to us!


One of the more hated pests one can run into, unchecked rats and mice populations can explode. Luckily for you we’re pretty experienced in dealing with them!


Believe it or not, spiders are a form of pest control as their webs can help control other bug populations. Regardless, we can remove them in no time.


Another hated pest, cockroaches just make your skin crawl. If you see one, there’s certainly more, so don’t hesitate to call us out right away!

Need help identifying your pest problem? Give your local Bull’s Eye pest control branch a call and we’ll send someone right out!

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