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18 Jun 2014

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Brown Recluse spiders are among some of the common spiders found in California.

Like the Black Widow, bites can lead to very dangerous health effects and possibly even death for kids or the elderly.

How to Identify a Brown Recluse

-Males and Females have similar features


-Yellow-Tan color

-Fiddle shaped pattern on the back

-6 eyes paired together

-Small to Medium Sized 6-11 mm body


Brown Recluse have similar behaviors to other spiders. They are usually found in basements, barns and other sheltered type places. They can be found in states like California, Texas, Florida and the central southern parts of the U.S. They are usually found and build their webs near the ground level. Also like other spiders they keep to themselves and usually only bite/attack if bothered or provoked.

Pest Control Temecula CA can help you treat your home for Brown Recluse problems or even as a preventive measure.


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