Are There Any Good Bugs To Have Around?

01 Aug 2016

If you have entomophobia, you are afraid of all insects and never want to see any kind of creeping thing coming your way. It may seem logical to remove all living insects and spiders from your garden and house, but sometimes that can do more harm than good. There are actually good insects and keeping them around is a huge benefit to the health of your garden. Of course, no one wants bugs in their home so if one of the beneficial bugs finds its way into your house, simply catch it (if you can) and let it safely back outside where it can continue to do good. Here are a list of insects that do wonderful things for your yard:



It’s understandable, they’re not everyone’s favorite living thing! They are creepy and look scary, but they do so much for your yard. Of course you don’t want them in your house, but spiders are amazing pest control for your yard. When you’re annoyed at the mosquitoes or gnats as you try to enjoy a backyard BBQ, think it could be so much worse without spiders because they eat a large percentage of pesky insects.


Not only are they pretty and fun to look at, these insects keep your plants healthy. Aphids can destroy and damage some of your favorite plants, flowers and trees in no time, but ladybugs can gobble up these aphids in no time. Not only that, they lay their eggs in aphid colonies and when they hatch, their larvae are aphid eating machines.

Praying Mantis

These insects are rather ominous looking but they are actually a garden’s best friend. They are expert hunters and catch all sorts of nasty insects that harm your plants. If you notice an area of your garden full of harmful insects, moving a praying mantis to that spot can save your plants.

Assassin Bugs

Assassin bugs are one of the best insects you can have in your garden. Their name says it all, they are ruthless hunters. They prey on weevils, aphids, leafhoppers, larvae as well as the eggs of other harmful insects, making a meal of them before they can hatch and destroy your beautiful flowers.

Damsel Bugs

These insects look a lot like assassin bugs and they are just as beneficial as their doppelganger. Their meal of choice includes aphids, moth eggs, small caterpillars, leafhoppers, sawfly larvae, mites, nymphs and a handful of really terrible beetles. All of these insects the damsel bug likes to snack on can quickly destroy your beautiful plants and flowers so keeping this warrior around can really help your garden.

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