Signs of Termites

08 Feb 2016


As a homeowner, pest control can feel like an uphill battle. Pests want nothing more than to get inside your house and staying constantly vigilant is the first step to keeping them out. The second you let your guard down, your home is ripe for an infestation. But why should you worry about the pest control fight? Leave this battle to the experts at Bull’s Eye Pest Control. We are your safeguard against infestations and one such infestation that is preventable with regular pest inspections are termite infestations. We know exactly what to look for to spot an infestation and stop it before it costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. In the meantime however, between pest inspections, you can be on the lookout for the beginnings of termite infestations.

3 things to look for

1-Mud tunnels
On the outside of your home, you might notice little mud tunnels in a vein-like pattern. These tunnels allow the termites access into your home and are made of termite saliva, feces mud which are the width of a pencil. Termites need certain conditions to survive and these tubes control the humidity and temperature so they are comfortable.

2-Discarded wings
If you see piles of wings, this means that termites have been swarming. When termites swarm and fly off to start a new colony, they intentionally twist their wings off since they will not need them anymore. If you find bunches of insect wings lying around near these mud tubes, you most likely have an infestation.

3-Wood damage
This is sometimes easy to spot but unless you know what you’re looking for, you could miss it. Small sawdust piles, tiny holes in wood or buckling paint mean that termites are doing damage.

Time to act quickly

When you have a termite infestation, time is money. The longer you wait, the more damage will happen. You need to act fast. Calling Bull’s Eye Pest Control to get rid of them immediately is essential if you want to prevent further loss and damage. Our technicians are experienced at getting rid of termite infestations safely and effectively, using the latest methods that are not only guaranteed, they are also safe for your family. Keep your greatest investment protected from these invaders and give us a call today!

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