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From the Old Town Community Theater to the Valley History Museum, a walk down old town Temecula will have you feeling history. If you have spiders and ants rampaging throughout your home, their annoying presence is the first thing you will want to add to the history of your home. Your home should be a place where you can relax from the stresses of work and a busy life, the last thing you need are pests.

“I have been using this awesome company for years at my place of businesses my rental homes and the house I live in and tell you what they never cease to amaze me!…”
Charles K.

What’s Pestering You?

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antsTemecula, California is home to award winning vineyards and wineries and to celebrate this, Temecula hosts the annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. With wine tasting in the vineyards, arts and crafts for kids as well as food and fun for every age, this festival is a party for the senses. The festival wouldn’t be complete without a ride over the beautiful valley in a hot air balloon, floating gracefully above the vineyard. There is nothing better than picnicking with your family in this serene setting. But nothing ruins a picnic faster than a colony of ants. This is also true for your home. Nothing disrupts the cozy atmosphere of an enjoyable dinner together than ants marching through your kitchen. The very thought elicits annoyance.

Pest Control 101

Kitchen intruders

If you were to walk into your house and see that it had been ransacked by robbers, you would feel violated and distraught. Well, these robbers are just on a smaller scale. Ants are small and only need a very small crack in a door and window to get into your home. Soon they will break into your pantry and cupboards, ransacking and contaminating everything in their wake. How frustrating would it be to reach for your favorite box of crackers, only to find a group of ants having a party inside? You would feel disgusted! What else have they gotten into? If you have ants, chances are they have made their any box or bag of food in your cupboards. They leave pheromone trails to alert the rest of the colony when they find food, which means soon you will have an entire colony of thousands of ants stealing your food.

Ditch the DIY, call the professionals!

Homeowners often bolt for the ant pesticides on the grocery store shelves or worse, search online for ineffective DIY methods. These options might seem to work for while, but they rarely get rid of the source, the heart of the colony. Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your answer for Temecula ant control. Our technicians are experienced at effectively ridding your home of ant infestations quickly. The more time spent trying to attack ant problems ineffectively, the faster the infestation will grow. We know that time is imperative and give you complete satisfaction. Call us today to reclaim your pantry again!


spiderTemecula, California’s city page says it best by stating “Temecula is a place where natural beauty, historic traditions, and modern conveniences combine to offer entertainment for people of all ages.” A perfect description of one of California’s brightest gems. Old Town Temecula is one of the most charming parts of the city where the past has been preserved in an eclectic variety of old buildings and cafes, offering an educational glimpse into yesterday. And while you’re reminiscing the past, you might have to brush off the cobwebs to examine a little closer. Why deal with those dusty webs if you don’t have to though? Pests are a part of our world but they don’t have to be a part of our homes, especially spiders. There is nothing more ominous than relaxing with a good book, only to find a spider reading over your shoulder. Suddenly you don’t care who lives happily ever in your novel, you just know that the villain has made an appearance in your own story. Well, it’s time to fight back!

Pest Control 101

Year round attack

Homeowners often see spiders in the spring and summer, thinking that they “go away” in the fall and winter. This is simply untrue. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Spiders lay their egg sacs in the fall and winter, carefully guarding them and hiding out. So while you may think the spiders have “disappeared,” in truth they are grooming thousands of baby spiders to continue to haunt you next spring when they hatch. When you need Temecula spider control, make sure to keep Bull’s Eye Pest Control on a year round schedule to combat the arachnids so bent on tormenting you. Our expert technicians will come in and outsmart the spiders who think they can hide from the professionals. And not to sound overly cliche, spiders can certainly run but they cannot hide from Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

Call us today!

Once your home is rid of spiders, helping you seal all entrance points spiders are using to sneak into your home is another aspect of pest control. Keeping your home sealed tight to intruders is important. Our experienced technicians will answer all your questions and help you feel safe and secure in your cozy home once more. Contact us today and let us put your mind at ease.


rodentWhen you want your kids to experience hands-on science, one of the best places to visit is Pennypickle’s Workshop, the Temecula Children’s Museum. There your kids will find the fascination of science and learning. When you have rodents turning your home into a mice and rat museum, one of the best places in Temecula to go for help is Bull’s Eye Pest Control. With Bull’s Eye, you will find that any rodent infestation will be eliminated.

Pest Control 101

The Problems with Rodents

Destructive. Mice and rats have teeth that keep on growing. To keep them at the right size, they chew. They will gnaw on any surface in order to keep their teeth worn down to the right size. Imagine all the surfaces they can sink their teeth into within the confines of your home.
Sneaky. Your home has all the food and water a rodent could want. No wonder they are trying to sneak inside. If there is a hole or crack the size of a nickel, a mouse can squeeze through. If the space is the size of a quarter, rats will have a way in. The best way to combat rodents is to do a perimeter walk around your home. Look for gaps around gas lines, doors, plumbing, and electrical conduits. Patch up the spaces with some metal wire mesh, mixed with caulk.
Vectors. One of the biggest problems with rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents are the diseases they carry. Rodents get into your food and defecate and urinate. With rodents around, open food containers are not safe. According to the Center for Disease Control, rodents transmit more than 25 different diseases that can make you very ill. Some sicknesses, like Hantavirus can threaten your life.

The Solution for Rodents

Before you attempt to move into the Children’s Museum to avoid the rodents living in your home, you need to call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. When it comes to rodent infestations in Temecula, we are your local solution. Our technicians can be to your home fast. We are serious about rodent control. All of our technicians are certified pest control experts and have years of hands-on training. We understand the science behind rodent control. Our technicians will take the time to make certain the problem is solved and we have all of the tools necessary to take care of pesky mice and rats. No matter how large the infestation is, we will be able to get rid of it. Mice and rats cannot hide from us, because we have them in our crosshairs. When you need rodent control in Temecula, Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your solution. Protect your home and family, we can help. Call us today.


cockroachWhen you want to see an amazing show, get some tickets to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater and what you see will leave you speechless. If you flip in the lights in your kitchen and you see a show of scurrying cockroaches, the time for being speechless is over. It is time to call in the professionals with Bull’s Eye Pest Control. We are your local source for cockroach elimination in Temecula.

Pest Control 101

Crazy Cockroaches

Cockroaches are tough insects. They are difficult for any homeowner to control. If you have ever wondered about the validity of roach powers, here are a few of the crazy facts about our least favorite home invader.

  • Feeling thirsty? A cockroach can go without a drink of water for nearly two weeks.
  • No food no problem. Cockroaches can live almost an entire month without eating.
  • Food for thought. If you are beyond clean and clean up every crumb, a cockroach can still find food. They will eat your makeup, soap, the glue behind wallpaper, houseplants, beer, and even feces.
  • That was fast. All cockroaches, even nymphs can run at speeds up to 3 miles per hour. That is why they can vanish so quickly when the light goes on.
  • The headless horse lives? It might sound crazy, but if you take the head off a cockroach it won’t immediately die. A cockroach can get along just fine without a head. The only reason it dies it because it can no longer drink water.
  • Breathe deep. A cockroach can hold its breath a lot longer than you can. If you submerge a roach underwater, it can survive up to 40 minutes.
  • Roaches will make you sick. If you or a family member has asthma, roach molting’s can aggravate the problem. They also spread bacteria. Remember how they will eat feces? After they wander around in filth, they then walk across your kitchen table, counters and get into your food.

Cockroach Elimination Done Right

No matter how tough cockroaches are, we are stronger. When you want to control cockroaches, you call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. Our technicians know how to eradicate cockroaches. If you have cockroaches, give us a call and the problem will be gone. We are serious about insect control.


stingingIf you want to soar above Temecula, one of the best ways is to grab a hot air balloon ride at the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival. While floating high above the festival grounds you might begin to think about another airborne creature that frequents your neighborhood. If you are tired of worrying about the stings of wasps and yellow jackets, Bull’s Eye Pest Control can help you. When it comes to wasp control in Temecula, we are your local professionals.

Pest Control 101

Angry Stingers

Take one look at a wasp and you know it is ready to sting. If you get near a nest, the guard wasps will be looking at you. In the spring, the nests are not as big of a problem. Once summer and fall hit, the nests have grown in size so you have more wasps. They are also more prone to violence toward the end of the year. In order to rear the last batch of new wasps, scouts are trying to find quick meals. Guess what your barbeque has everything they love, meat and sugary drinks. If you are having an outdoor party, you and your guests will quickly be swarmed if food can be found. Wasps might be a threat, but yellow jackets are by far worse. Yellow jackets look like a fat barrel shaped bee with vivid yellow and black markings. They don’t need a reason to sting you, they just will. Yellow jackets have a rapid repeat stinger like wasps; however, yellow jackets love to bite you as well.

Take the sting out

If you are worried about having a barbeque or an outdoor family party because of wasps and yellow jackets, it is time to call in the professionals. We are Bull’s Eye Pest Control. We know how to eliminate wasp and yellow jacket infestations. Our technicians mean business. When we show up to your home your wasp worry will be gone. No matter how big the nest, our technicians will get rid of them. With Bull’s Eye Pest Control, you can get back to enjoying your hot air balloon ride and forget about wasps. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Pest Control 101

Ants have a way of finding the smallest crumbs. If you miss anything while sweeping up the kitchen, ants will be certain to find it. Once a single ant finds its way into your home, more are sure to follow. Pretty soon you will have lines of ants walking across your floors or countertops. Another thing we have plenty of in Temecula are spiders. Though any spider can bite, there are three that can be a threat. Black widows, brown widows and the desert recluse have dangerous venom and love to build webs near your home and outdoor toys. If you have a problem with pesky ants or dangerous spiders, there is a local solution.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control

No matter what type of pest is causing you concern, our certified, knowledgeable technicians can help you get rid of them. Even if you do not recognize the bug, we will be able to identify it and create a treatment plan that will be perfect for your home and perfect for eliminating the problem. We get to your home fast and work around your schedule. With Bull’s Eye Pest Control, you can be certain that we will spend the time needed to get the job done. We are serious about pest control and serious about protecting you and your family. Give us a call today and schedule your free estimate.

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