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Oct 2016

My Pet got bit by a Black Widow

It is common for black widows to make their nests in your basement or garage. Unfortunately, they might also build their haphazard webs in areas where your pet might decide to explore. Black widow spiders are inky black. On the bottom of their abdomen you will notice a red hourglass shape. If your pet gets bit by a black widow, you need to make an...

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Aug 2016

Which Spiders Are Actually Dangerous?

The moment you see an eight-legged creeper sneak up beside you or scurry out from under your furniture, it’s an instant adrenaline burst, even if you’re not terrified of spiders. Just the surprise of a spider tickling your arm or running out of a corner you’re cleaning, is a little unnerving. They like to hide and if they are found, the mere fact that some...

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Aug 2014

Facts About Spiders

Spiders are creepy, crawly, and can make a real problem for your home. Dealing with a spider infestation before it can develop too far is critical. Even though these pests cause an alarming amount of problems in our lives, there are some interesting qualities they possess. Take a look at these fascinating facts about spiders, some of which can be helpful in keeping them out...

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