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Sep 2016

Relationships in Nature: Aphids and Ants

As a cow is to a farmer, an aphid is to an ant. That’s right; ants have been doing farming long before we ever came up with the idea. When a colony of ants finds a group of aphids eating your flowers, the ants move in to protect the aphids. The ants will chase off or kill the natural predators that would normally eat the...

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Jun 2014

Choose Your Local Pest Control Temecula CA

Why should you choose a local business? Bull’s Eye Pest Control Temecula has been a valued local company for many years. Local has many advantages over the giant national businesses. Distance and proximity are always important factors when choosing a company to do business with. With Pest Control in Temecula, we’re right here ready to help you when you need it. When you choose a...

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May 2014

Tips for Black Ant Control: Pest Control Temecula and Inland Empire

One of the most common type of ants found in Southern California is the Argentine Ant. They are notorious for their large mounds, multiple colonies, and preference for sweets.  Temecula, among other cities, has proven to be a welcoming environment for Argentine ants and it is extremely typical for homeowners to call with several ant trails streaming through the kitchen cupboards.  As with most pests,...

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