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Jan 2018

Crickets 101 | Pest Control Temecula CA

What you need to know about crickets, provided by Bull’s Eye Pest Control in Temecula You will often know when you have crickets in or around your home. Crickets are not harmful to us humans, but can sometimes be an annoying bug in some situations. Male crickets create a “chirping” noise by rubbing their two wings together. Usually only the male crickets chirp, but some...

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Feb 2016

The Importance of Ongoing, Regular Service to Suppress Bug Populations

When you think of bed bugs, does your skin start to itch? When people have suffered through bed bug infestations, they never want to get them again. Though bed bugs do not transmit diseases, they have a psychological effect on your sleeping. Insomnia loves bed bugs. When you want bed bugs to stay out of your home, you call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. When Temecula...

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Jun 2014

What You Need To Know About The Brown Recluse | Pest Control Temecula CA

Bull’s Eye Pest Control Temecula CA Brown Recluse spiders are among some of the common spiders found in California. Like the Black Widow, bites can lead to very dangerous health effects and possibly even death for kids or the elderly. How to Identify a Brown Recluse -Males and Females have similar features -Long-legged -Yellow-Tan color -Fiddle shaped pattern on the back -6 eyes paired together -Small...

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May 2014

Tips for Black Ant Control: Pest Control Temecula and Inland Empire

One of the most common type of ants found in Southern California is the Argentine Ant. They are notorious for their large mounds, multiple colonies, and preference for sweets.  Temecula, among other cities, has proven to be a welcoming environment for Argentine ants and it is extremely typical for homeowners to call with several ant trails streaming through the kitchen cupboards.  As with most pests,...

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