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Sep 2016

Relationships in Nature: Aphids and Ants

As a cow is to a farmer, an aphid is to an ant. That’s right; ants have been doing farming long before we ever came up with the idea. When a colony of ants finds a group of aphids eating your flowers, the ants move in to protect the aphids. The ants will chase off or kill the natural predators that would normally eat the...

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Aug 2016

Are Ants Dangerous to Humans?

If you’ve ever been the unfortunate victim of an ant bite, you know very well how unpleasant it is. It’s a sudden and surprising pinch that comes out of nowhere. Depending on the type of ant, that pinch can continue to sting or burn for awhile too. It is uncomfortable but are ant stings dangerous? Can many ant bites actually harm a person? When an...

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