Summer Hot Spots for Pest’s to Hang Out in Your Home

15 Jul 2015

This summer, don’t let your home become a vacation spot for bugs. Protect your home during the heat of summer from insects, rodents, and other pests. Not every pest acts the same, some may be more likely to infiltrate the home, while others may be more of a problem in the yard. Take a look at the pests common in the summer months, and what can be done to protect your home against them.

Yellow Jackets

In the summer, yellow jackets become a bigger problem than ever. Keep your eyes open for these pests in the yard, preventing them from growing in number. Check between the gutter and the exterior of your home, up and around in cracks on the outside. Any large cracks in the structure of your home can result in a nest being built inside. Identifying and ridding your home of yellow jackets early on can be instrumental in preventing problems down the road. If you do find a yellow jacket nest, safely remove it.


Depending on what part of the country you live in, ticks can be a major problem, especially those who carry dangerous diseases. These pests are found most often in wooded areas, but will hitch a ride on clothing, skin, or animal fur back to the home. Because of their need for blood, ticks can often be found in the bedroom when brought into the home. The best thing to do is to protect yourself against ticks upon entering the home. If you’ve been in a wooded area, check yourself and your belongings thoroughly before entering your home. Doing this will be instrumental in protecting yourself from the bugs, and the diseases they carry.



Keeping your home and pantry clean and clear of food is essential to preventing ants in the home. During the summer months, ants can commonly be found in the kitchen when we aren’t careful in how we store and cleanup food. To avoid problems here, make sure you are conscious of this, protecting your kitchen from ants.

Protect yourself against summer pests this year. Make the changes necessary to avoid large scale problems with these insects, helping to keep your home and family safe. Not only can these pests be an annoyance, some can carry potentially harmful diseases. Take the steps beforehand to stop this from ever happening.


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