Is that a Norway Rat or a Roof Rat?

01 Feb 2016


Unfortunately here in Temecula, there are rats living alongside us. Before you go pointing fingers at neighbors selling you out to the HOA, we are talking about rodents. There are two introduced species of rat that spread diseases and make a mess of our homes. There are Roof rats and Norway rats. There are signs of rodent infestations like; burrows under your garbage cans, nests in your garage, dead rats in the swimming pool, and rat feces near your pet food. Once you see the signs, it is time to call in the professionals with Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

Norway Rats vs Roof Rats

Norway rats are also called sewer rats. They like to burrow and their nests can be located around gardens, by your garbage cans, and even in your house. Norway rats are larger and more robust than roof rats, have shorter ears and a blunt muzzle. A female Norway rat can produce 20 offspring each year.
Roof rats will build their nests on the ground, but they prefer to be high up. Trees are great places and so is your attic. Roof rats are sleek, have ears that are long enough to cover their eyes and have a pointed muzzle. Roof rats are much more agile than sewer rats and can be seen walking along electrical lines.

Rat Eradication

The biggest problem with any rat is the diseases they transmit. If you suspect that you have rats, the first thing you will want to do is call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. Our technicians can identify the type of rat and create a treatment plan that will eliminate the furry problem. If you have a rodent problem it is much better to get it removed before they reproduce and become a huge problem. For Temecula rat control, give Bull’s Eye a call. We work to protect your home and health from filthy rodents.

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