Tubes In Wall Pest Control

Does your home feature a built-in pest tube system? Let the professionals at Bull’s Eye service it for you. With pest tubes systems becoming more common with many builders in recent years, maintaining the system is important for its continued affect on your home.


Built-in pest tube services are beneficial in a few ways. One, they’re automated, requiring minimal maintenance. Two, maintenance can be performed without needing to enter the home as most service boxes are on the exterior. Three, exposure to pesticides is kept to a minimum by everyone as the system is contained within the property walls. Four, the deterrent used within the system can be customized to any and all pests.


Bull’s Eye Pest Control has been servicing pest tubing for years and has technicians trained to service and maintain your system. If you have a built-in system and would like more information call us today at (951) 461-8889 we’ll be happy to send out an experienced technician to help you out.

(951) 461-8889

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