Pest of the Month


Jun 2015

Pest of the Month: Ticks

Ticks are called pests for a reason, they are small, fast, and pretty hard to find. Though they live outside in trees and shrubs, they absolutely love warm-blooded humans and all of the four-legged friends that we hang out with. While ticks are mostly just annoying little nuisances, some of them do carry dangerous bacteria for diseases like Lyme disease (specifically black-legged Deer Ticks). While...

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Jan 2015

Pest of the Month: Ticks

Ticks are dirty, creepy, and have the potential to transmit diseases. While these pests aren’t commonly found in city homes, they can easily be transported from the mountainside to your residence. Be sure to protect your family and pets from these pesky bugs. Take a deeper look at Bull’s Eye Pest Control’s pest of the month.


Dec 2014

Pest of the Month: Earwig

This month the Bull’s Eye Pest of the month is the earwig. These creepy crawlies belong in the insect order Dermaptera. Take a further look at the earwig, and what you can do to protect your home.