Pest of the Month: Ticks

07 Jan 2015

Ticks are dirty, creepy, and have the potential to transmit diseases. While these pests aren’t commonly found in city homes, they can easily be transported from the mountainside to your residence. Be sure to protect your family and pets from these pesky bugs. Take a deeper look at Bull’s Eye Pest Control’s pest of the month.


The Appearance



There are around 850 different species of ticks. Not all of these species transfer diseases, but the ones that do have the capability of spreading Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichia.


One of the most well known types of ticks is the deer tick, also known as black legged ticks. They are found throughout the United States, particularly in the Midwestern area. The western blacklegged tick is more commonly found in California.


The deer tick has eight legs, and will range in color from dark brown to black. These ticks are small, but will grow in size once they have eaten. Some species grow up to four times their normal size after they’ve eaten a meal of blood.





As we said, ticks are most often found in wooded areas. Despite this, they can be found in the home, brought in by pets, or even people who have been outside. To latch onto a new host the tick will use its back legs to grasp onto foliage while extending out their front legs. They will use these to latch onto passing fur or clothing.


Once they have initially grabbed on, the tick will move upwards, making their way to the head of their host. Near the neck and ears the skin is thinner, allowing the tick to more easily feed. It is also harder for animals to remove the pests from these areas as opposed to other locations on the body.





To prevent ticks from bothering you, there are a few things you can do if you regularly spend time outdoors:


  • Wear clothing that is light in color. This will make it easier to spot the ticks, preventing them from making contact with your skin.

  • When going on a hike or into an area thick with plants, tuck the legs of your pants into your socks.

  • After coming back from a trip outdoors, be sure to check yourself and your pets for ticks. Pay special attention around the neck and the head.

Ticks are nasty pests, but they can be prevented and stopped. Be sure to take the steps to prevent you, your family, and your home from these pesky bugs.


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