Pest of the Month: A Deeper Look at Crickets

26 May 2015

A Deeper Look at Crickets

A few months ago we talked about crickets. For most people, it’s easy to recognize crickets. These pests often have a square shape, with large back legs that help them jump. They can range in color from tan to brown, with long wings. As with any pest, it is easier to prevent it from entering an area then trying to retroactively get it out. Learn how to keep crickets away from your home, better protecting you.


Crickets in the Home


In most cases, crickets prefer to be outside rather than finding shelter indoors. Even though this is true, there are situations where crickets have found their way inside if weather forces them in, or they accidently venture in.


Crickets are drawn to places of warmth. Because of this, they are most often found in kitchens or near the furnace and water heater. In addition to this, they are attracted to lights at night.


They will feed on plants and fabric, damaging materials. Crickets also like to burrow, sometimes causing cracks to widen or damage to baseboards.


Controlling Crickets in Your Home

Brown cricket

Even though crickets prefer the outdoors, there is still a chance for a cricket infestation in your home. The best thing is to keep these pests out of your home, preventing them from entering in the first place. Most of the ways to keep crickets out will also help to protect against other pests. To prevent a cricket infestation:


  • Caulk around the windows, doors, and any cracks in the foundation. You’d be surprised how small a space bugs need to enter. Caulking in these areas will bring many benefits from keeping insects out to increasing energy efficiency.

  • Remove weeds, grass, and other debris from around the foundation of your home, keeping this area clean.

  • Avoid storing firewood directly against your home. Crickets and other insects love to hide in these areas.


If crickets invade your home, you may need to take the steps to remove them. While one may not be a big issue, if more enter, you could have a serious problem. Mid to late summer is the normal time when crickets would invade an area.


While not every type of cricket does well indoors, camel crickets have an easier time living and breeding indoors. They are especially drawn to areas of the home with more moisture, including the laundry room and utility closet.

Protect your home against crickets both indoors and out. Make the changes to keep them away from the foundation of your home, and then entering into the yard. This will prevent them from ever entering your home.


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