What’s in the Water?

11 Jul 2016

Whether you have a stream running through your California backyard or a pond, you might wonder what type of bugs you would find living beneath the surface. Have you ever wondered if any of them pose a threat to you or your family? Bull’s Eye Pest Control wants you to know what is living under the glassy surface of your favorite water feature. Here are a few of the California aquatic insects that you might find in your pond.

The Water Bug

People often mistake water bugs for cockroaches. While their appearance might be similar, water bugs live their entire lives in or around water. Cockroaches, on the other hand live their lives in your home, stealing your food. Water bugs eat other aquatic insects, fish, crustaceans, water snails, and amphibians. One of the most noteworthy of the water bugs is the giant water bug. This water insect is big. In Florida it is called the alligator tick, here in California it is referred to as the toe biter. The giant water bug will only bite you if it feels threatened. Unfortunately, if you accidentally step on it, it is going to feel threatened. Toe biters use their needle like mouth part to inject powerful digestive enzymes. When hunting, the enzymes help turn the prey’s insides into soup. When it is your toe that gets bit, you are about to experience one of the most painful insect bites in North America.



You might be surprised to find out that mosquitoes spend most of their lives in the water. The irritating adult version that flies around you looking to deliver an itchy mosquito bite is only one part of the mosquito life cycle. A good portion of the mosquito’s life is lived in the water. Mosquito larva can be found in still water like ponds, puddles and water that has been left in that bucket in your yard. Some species of mosquito can even survive in salt water marshes. As larva, they feed on algae and bacteria. When they get large enough, the larvae pupates and an adult mosquito emerges. Female mosquitoes need the nutrients from blood in order to produce eggs. That is why they have you on their radar. With mosquitoes, the itchy welt left from a bit is not the biggest concern; the biggest concern from mosquitoes is disease. Because of the diseases they carry, mosquitoes have killed more humans that any war.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control

When you need pest control in Temecula, we are your answer. You do not have to live with the threat of mosquitoes or the fear of a giant water bug. With Bull’s Eye Pest Control on your side, you can have a home and yard that is pest free. Our technicians specialize in pet control. Each one is certified and has years of experience with California pests. When you want the best in pest control, you need to call in the professionals with Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

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