How to Prevent Spider Bites

23 Aug 2016

Humans fear spiders more than most insects and creeping things because of one reason: the spider bite. It also doesn’t help that they look sinister and freaky too. If they were cuddly and cute looking however, that fear would still be there because a spider bite is so unpleasant. Similar to a mosquito bite, the resulting welt can itch for days and weeks even. But often the spider venom has an added drawback of destroying the surrounding tissue, resulting in an oozing welt that might take awhile to heal. Most spider bites are just annoying and harmless, but there are some spider bites that are deadly so learning how to avoid them is important.

How Spider Bites Commonly Occur

The most common way a spider bite happens is when an adult or child reaches their hand or feet into a place the spider is hiding. This could be a shoe, a dark corner or under furniture. Spiders only bite if they feel threatened and most aren’t aggressive. They bite to prevent what they feel is their eminent death. The first rule of spider bite prevention: don’t put your hand or feet into dark places. If a shoe has been left outside or in a dark closet, shine a flashlight inside to make sure it’s clear. If you are looking in a dark corner, illuminate the space so you’re not surprised by a nasty bite. And when outside, wear gloves if you’re working in a wood pile or your garden. Spiders hide in wood piles, shrubs and debris.

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Home

Keeping spiders out of your home is important because that’s where you let your guard down. You’re not going to be as cautious about digging around in a toy bin as you are digging around in a wood pile. But if spiders are inside your home, they will hide in corners or any area where clutter accumulates. Keeping doors and windows sealed tight keeps them from coming inside in the first place. Your professional spider control technician will examine your home for entrance points and help seal them tight.

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