How Can Pest Control Be a Safe Option For My Family and Pets?

28 Mar 2016


An infestation of insects or rodents is devastating. You suddenly feel violated and disgusted thinking of all the critters that are rummaging through your cupboards, closets, walls and really any other place in your home they can get to. The thought of them crawling on your bed and through your clothing is the worst thing you can imagine, especially if you have children. When you tuck your little ones in at night, you want them to be safe and protected. A parent never thinks of tucking the danger in with their child under those blankets, whether it be spiders, bed bugs, rodents or more. You want to keep your child 100% safe and that entails your home being completely pest free. Many pests can hurt or harm your children or pets, that’s why you need professional pest control you can trust to keep them away.

Trading pests for pesticides? No thanks!

Homeowners often search online for natural pest control remedies, soon becoming discouraged when these natural methods don’t work. When it comes to children and pets however, homeowners are terrified of exchanging pests for pesticides. This sounds equally terrifying, so if a random blog tells them to dump vinegar and paprika along their baseboards, they’d do that in heartbeat rather than deal with troublesome chemicals.

Well guess what? There is good news! When you call Bull’s Eye Pest Control, you will never have that worry. Chemists have spent thousands and thousands of hours researching treatments that are toxic for pests but harmless for humans and pets. For instance, there is a substance called diatomaceous earth that if insects come in contact with it, they don’t stand a chance. This substance is simply a soft, grainy sediment from the fossil remains of diatoms. To us, it looks just like flour but for insects, it is a death sentence. This pest control method is brilliant. These particles at microscopic levels are sharp so they get into the joints and airways of insects, basically cutting them up from the inside. To humans, this powdery substance has no effect at all. This is just one example of the many types of treatments Bull’s Eye Pest Control uses. They are a completely effective yet non-toxic pest control treatment for your infestations.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control cares about your family

We know you place the highest priority on the safety of your family and so do we. Bull’s Eye Pest Control wants to protect your family. Along with our safe insect treatments, we also do the dirty work. Our technicians are skilled in pest removal methods that disrupt pest infestations and nests. Bull’s Eye Pest Control’s educated staff knows where to find the entrance points along your house, helping you seal these off so your pest problem cannot continue. Give us a call today and we will help you sleep soundly, knowing your loved ones are protected.

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