What are Thrips?

27 Sep 2016

When it comes to vegetables, nothing can compare with the fresh taste of something out of your very own garden. Unfortunately, there is a little insect that is sucking the life out of plants in gardens and green houses near you. Before you start blaming aphids, there is another pest you can blame. Have you ever heard of thrips? Thrips are about the size of one millimeter. If you have ever wondered how big a millimeter is, imagine three grains of table salt side by side. You can have one thrips or multiple thrips. The word is always plural. Just like the insect, you always find thrips in large groups. One female thrips can lay 80 eggs. In gardens and greenhouses their numbers can become so massive that they can ruin your plants. Not only do they suck the life out of your roses, squash, carrots, and other plants, thrips also transmit diseases.


Thrips disease?

Most of your plants can survive the damage done by thrips. Leaves might curl up and turn a silvery color and the fruit on your plant might have scars, but your tomato plant is going to survive. However, if the thrips are carrying viruses, then your rose bushes are in grave danger. Thrips carry over 20 different diseases that can severely damage, and even kill your plants. Like mosquitoes, thrips have a needlelike mouth, which they use to puncture plants. That is when the diseases escape into the plant.


Fortunately your plants can be protected. There are several other insects that love to eat thrips. When greenhouse owner begin noticing damage from thrips they bring in ladybugs, green lacewings, and minute pirate bugs. If the infestation is massive, they might use insecticidal soaps to reduce the number and then they bring in the predators to reduce the number of thrips even further.

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