Top 5 Insect Super Powers

11 Apr 2016


Superheroes are all the rage these days. Every other movie that hits the box office seems to be a movie about humans with superpowers. We are entranced by the notion of superior abilities and gaining supernal strength or unusual skills. Maybe that is because there are so many animals and insects in our world who actually possess these capabilities that we may be slightly jealous. So we recreate stories in our minds of humans who can capture these unique talents. There are many insects that flaunt their superpowers openly. These “powers” help them escape detection and death from their enemies, thus helping them live at least one more day.

1) Invisibility: The stick insects

This insect is almost impossible to pick out, looking nearly identical to the sticks surrounding it. Military tactics have long since tried to adopt this idea, inventing various ways their men can look like trees and bushes. It’s a brilliant idea and the stick insect is a master at this camouflage approach.

2) Speediest in flight: The male horsefly

Many people know horseflies for their annoying and pinching bite. It hurts and these insects are among the most hated. But did you know the male horsefly is the fastest insect in flight? He can fly at top speeds of 90.5 MPH!

3) Fastest running: The mite

Cheetahs are thought to be the fastest running animal on this planet, clocking an incredible 75MPH. While that is impressive, the mite has it beat. Yes, that little mite runs faster than the cheetah. Of course this is all relation to size, because relative to its size, if all insects and animals were the same proportions, the mite would clock an unbelievable 1,300 MPH.

4) Strongest: The dung beetle

Superhuman strength is something all superhero lovers are fascinated by. To be able to lift hundreds of times your weight would make you feel totally unconquerable. The dung beetle is for certain, the superman of all insects. It can lift a whopping 1,141 times its weight! That would be the equivalent of a human lifting 6 double decker buses over his/her head. Wouldn’t you like to see that?

5) Invincibility: The cockroach

When you think of a superhero, they can pretty much live through any kind of extreme circumstance or condition. The cockroach is king in this category. It is the hardiest of all insects, being near impossible to get rid of (except for Bull’s Eye Pest Control, we know the secrets). They can live more than a week without their head, they can eat almost anything (including soap, glue, paper, hair, etc), they run super fast, and they are great at hiding.

When it comes to insects and their superpowers, you need the help of Bull’s Eye Pest Control. These insects have incredible abilities and are difficult to get rid of. They have adapted to stay alive and will do whatever they can to evade your efforts in removal. Bull’s Eye Pest Control are proficient at removing all types of infestations so call us today!

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