The Basics of Beekeeping

06 Jun 2016


Perhaps you have thought about owning bees. The idea of going out into your yard dressed as a beekeeper to collect sweet golden honey has its appeal. Honey, if stored correctly, can have a shelf life that will last for centuries. Backyard beekeeping is becoming more and more popular. Before you jump in, here is a little bit of information that you might want to know, brought to you by your friends at Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

The laws of the land

Sometimes there are community regulations that outlaw beekeeping. Before you purchase a hive, you are going to want to look into your city ordinances to see if you can have bees. The same can be said if you live in an HOA. Make certain you in compliance with their rules. The last thing you want to do is purchase bees and find out that the law is not on your side. If everything is in your favor, it is a good idea to talk to your neighbors. You never know if someone is hypersensitive and allergic to bee stings. When you talk to them, be prepared to answer questions. Just remember to tell them that having bees will enhance flowers and vegetable gardens because you will be supplying a ready source of pollinators. Providing them with a jar of honey every once in while will help ease any tensions too.

Think before you place your hive

You are going to need to do a little bit of research on the type of bees you purchase. Some are more resistant to cold temperatures, while others can tolerate heat. Knowing the type of bee will help you identify prime locations around your home that are suitable for your new hive. The will also need a ready supply of water. During the summer, bees use a lot of water to keep their hive cool. They use the water and the wind generated by their wings to create an air conditioning system to keep the hive at the right temperature. The orientation of the hive opening is also important for you to think about. Bees like to travel in straight lines. You do not want to place the opening in front of your children’s swing set. If you are limited for space, you can build a fence, or plant dense shrubbery. This will force the bees to gain altitude quickly and avoid you and your family while you are playing in the backyard. You will also need to stop using pesticides around anything with flowers. Bees are super sensitive to insecticides.

Be ready to work

Though most of the time, your bees will not need any special attention, there are occasions where you will need to work. Depending on your species of bee, you will need to provide antibiotic treatments. You will need to monitor the overall health of the hive and ensuring that your queen is alive and active. Before you purchase any bees, buy your beekeeper clothing and equipment. Once you are prepared and ready for your bees, it won’t take long for your new hobby to produce golden honey and years of enjoyment.

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