Which Spiders Are Actually Dangerous?

08 Aug 2016


The moment you see an eight-legged creeper sneak up beside you or scurry out from under your furniture, it’s an instant adrenaline burst, even if you’re not terrified of spiders. Just the surprise of a spider tickling your arm or running out of a corner you’re cleaning, is a little unnerving. They like to hide and if they are found, the mere fact that some living thing was concealing itself right under your nose is not pleasant. But why do we fear spiders more than most insects? The reason is because some of them bite and some of those that bite are poisonous, so we have conditioned ourselves to fear spiders. Even though most spiders are as harmless as ladybugs, we fear them because they remind us of the scary ones. Here are the ones you should really fear:

Brown recluse

There are a handful of varieties of this spider in most parts of the US and they are dangerous and deadly. The venom can cause a painful sore leading to tissue loss and necrosis. This spider likes to hide in dark places but beware if you encroach upon its space because it will bite. If it feels in the least bit threatened, they are aggressive.

Black widow

The black widow spider is well known by the telltale red hourglass marking on its abdomen. Only a small amount of venom can make a person very ill as the poison attacks the nervous system. Immediate medical attention is required since systemic reactions include nausea, abdominal pain, fever, headache, pyrexia and more are inevitable.

Hobo spider

Most people have no idea that they’ve been bitten by a hobo spider because the bite is usually painless. But after 24-36 hours, a blister forms that soon breaks open leaving a oozing laceration that is prone to infection. Some victims will feel headache, nausea, fatigue and dizziness so observe closely just in case symptoms become dangerous.

Mouse spider

This spider is known to cause severe illness, especially in small children. It is not an aggressive spider but the bite is quite painful with its large, long fangs that can penetrate deep into the tissue. Medical attention is necessary as soon as possible as the venom attacks the nervous system. In young children, the symptoms such as headache, nausea, and vomiting, are more intense than with adults.

Spider control is essential to keep your family safe

While many spiders you may encounter are harmless, it is imperative to get professional spider control to keep the lethal ones away. Other spiders, such as the wolf spider, huntsman spider, orb weaving spider and trap door spider, are not dangerous but still bite and can leave a painful welt. Keeping your home spider free makes everyone feel better. Our technicians use effective, non-toxic spider removal methods to give you complete peace of mind. For spider control in Corona and surrounding areas, give Bull’s Eye Pest Control a call today!

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