Which Pests Are Invasive to California?

15 Aug 2016

California is one of the most exciting and beautiful tourist destinations on the planet with an almost limitless list of things to do and see. But as idyllic as California is, it is not exempt from pests and over the years, invasive species to California have made their way in, causing destruction and devastation in their wake. They make their way in hitchhiking on tourists and imported shipments. Given the right environment and conditions, the population of invasive insects can grow to be quite a problem. Here are a few insects that are not native to the California area:


1-Asian citrus psyllid

First spotted in San Diego in 2008, this is one insect that is causing huge problems for California citrus farmers. This insect has infested big time and drastically disrupts California’s 1.1 billion dollar citrus economy resulting in stunted grown, late blooming and sparse foliation. Officials are asking homeowners to keep a lookout for the most telltale sign which are bright yellow nymphs that leave behind waxy, white tubules that look like small instant noodles. Treating these insects is imperative to citrus economy in California.

2-Brown widow spider

The brown widow spider is another pest that is not native to California. First noticed in early 2000, this spider is suspected to originate in Africa and has migrated to many parts of the world. The brown widow is similar to its cousin, the black widow, in shape yet has brown and tan colored markings rather than black and red. This pest can produce a painful bite, however it is not nearly as severe as the black widow’s bite.

3-Brown marmorated stink bug

This pest is an obnoxious nuisance to farmers and homeowners alike. It attacks fruit trees, vegetable crops and ornamentals. It is native to East Asia but has become well known as large numbers of them cause grave amounts of damage. They are a detriment to the California’s produce economy when farms are afflicted with these infestations. As a homeowner, the health of your produce and flower garden  is greatly jeopardized by this insect.

4-Asian longhorned beetle

This beetle, native to Asia, has caused extreme amounts of damage since its appearance in 2005. The Asian longhorned beetle preys on hardwood trees such as elm, maple, boxelder, birch, poplar, willow and more. The beetle larvae burrow deep into the tree and feed off the tree’s essential nutrients and water, killing the tree from the inside out. This destructive insect has killed millions of acres of trees in California, costing the state and federal governments upwards of $168 million.

Professional pest control for invasive pests

Invasive pests are dangerous to California’s economy, growth and ecosystems. In order to keep these terrible pests at bay, effective pest control is a must. If you notice these or any other invasive species around your home, calling in the professionals will keep them from harming your trees and greenery. Bull’s Eye Pest control in San Marcos is experienced in all types of pests and can help you remove them from your home and yard. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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