Fathers that turn the table on Mother Nature

13 Jun 2016

When you think of Mother Nature, you can easily realize that she doesn’t always produce the best fathers. If Mother Nature put on a Father’s Day celebration it would look more like a dead beat dad counseling session. Take the grizzly bear for instance. Male grizzly bears are opportunistic feeders. They will eat anything from grass to dead fish and that includes grizzly cubs. There is always a chance that he is eating his own offspring. That’s good parenting, behave or I’ll eat you for dinner. There are cases of this all throughout the animal kingdom, but there are a few exceptions. Amazingly, there are a few insects that have turned the table on Mother Nature and become amazing fathers.

The Giant Water Bug


In a complete role reversal, male water bugs have taken over the rearing of young. To attract a female, male water bugs will do an elaborate dance. If the dance is impressive, the female will accept the male water bug as her mate. She will glue nearly 150 eggs onto his back. It is then the male’s responsibility to make certain the eggs hatch. The male water bug will comb the eggs to make certain they get enough air. He will even sit at the edge of the water to allow the eggs to dry just enough to eliminate any parasites. When the time arrives for the eggs to hatch, he stops eating to make certain that he doesn’t accidentally consume one of his children. If you see a water bug, you might not want to mess with it. Males are fiercely protective of their eggs and can deliver one of the most painful bites from the insect world.

Daddy Long Legs


Daddy long legs are part of the arachnid family, but they are not spiders. Male daddy long legs take on the role of a stay at home dad, and even mister mom. They start out by building a nesting area for the young. If the nesting area is pleasing, it will attract a female. The better the nest, the more the female will be impressed. In this case it isn’t the car, but the house that astounds. Once the eggs are laid, the male daddy long legs takes over the parenting. He will clean the eggs and remove any fungus or pathogens. He will protect them and predators until they hatch.

Happy Father’s Day

To all the fathers out there that are more like the giant water bug and the daddy long legs than the grizzly bear, Bull’s Eye Pest Control wants to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Keep on making a difference in the lives of your children. At the end of the day when you’ve put the kids to bed, you can sit down and smile, knowing that you too, have turned the table on Mother Nature.

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