Facts About Silverfish

03 Oct 2016

Silverfish are small, silvery insects that look similar to strwigs and are also known as firebrats or bristletails.You might not know this, but they are one of the oldest creatures living on the earth. These prehistoric insects have existed on this planet for 400 million years—that is 100 million years longer than the dinosaurs. They have found a way to survive for millions of years so chances are, if you find them in your home, they are not going away anytime soon. Not to mention, that in terms of a bug lifespan, they live for a very long time. Silverfish usually live 3-6 years but can live as long as 8 years! So if you are waiting for their infestation to just magically go away, so sorry, that will not happen. You need a professional.

Quick facts about this insect

Until you found these creepy looking insects, you might not have ever seen them. And when you see the damage they have been quietly making, it will surely put you in a bad mood. It’s time to learn more some tidbits of info on this bug:

They are difficult to get rid of. Silverfish haven’t lived 400 million years due to luck. These insects are extremely talented at evading danger. They have built up an immunity to most drugstore pesticides. This is why professional pest control is necessary.

Silverfish are shy. These insects are hard to spot, yet another reason why they are hard to remove since you might not know where to look. They only come out at night and are pretty sneaky.

They like their carbs. Silverfish can live up to year without food. Are you getting the idea yet? You can’t starve them out. And actually, they don’t want your food. Silverfish have a strange diet. They love paper, fibers, fabrics, glue, toothpaste, pasta, and cardboard. A box of old books is like a smorgasbord to them.

Silverfish are acrobatic. These insects are quite remarkable in the fact that they can scale virtually anything. Not only that, they can jump up to 2 feet in the air and squeeze through the tiniest of cracks. Sealing your home tight is vital at keeping them out.

Silverfish are destructive

Now that you know a little more about these strange insects, you can see how they can cause quite a vast amount of damage. Not only will they live forever in your home, they will continue to eat away at your precious paper keepsakes, chew through your grandma’s quilt and even sample chunks of your wallpaper. Trying to get rid of them yourself is an impossible job. Bull’s Eye Pest Control technicians have a vast understanding of this insect and just how to get rid of them. Our treatments are specially formulated to specifically remove this resistant insect. Nothing is more devastating than finding that silverfish have eaten away at your precious journals, wedding dress or photo albums. Protect your keepsakes. For pest control in Eastvale, call Bull’s Eye Pest Control today.

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