Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

20 Jun 2016


After you’ve spent countless hours slaving in your garden, coaxing those tiny plants to thrive and keeping those evil weeds out, finding insects amongst your plants might put you on the defense. The last thing you want after pouring all that TLC into your garden is for a hungry insect to devour all that work. Hold on though, before you reach for the insecticide, some insects in your garden work much better at controlling harmful insects than any bottle of chemical ever could. Plus, they come with the added advantage of being “organic pest control” since they remove damaging pests without coating your flowers or vegetables in unnatural products. How do you know which insects are good to have in your garden? Bull’s Eye Pest Control will tell you!

Lady beetles: These beetles are actually the larvae of ladybugs. You’d never know the two were related because they look so different. Lady beetles look like tiny red and black alligators. They wander your garden plants, gobbling up aphids as they go. Aphids suck the sap from young plants, leaving your garden wilted and lifeless. Keep the lady beetle and once they mature into beautiful ladybugs who also eat aphids and plant mites, let them stay too.

Damsel bug: This brown insect almost looks like a rounded grasshopper but that pest, a damsel bug does a lot of good in your garden. Eating aphids, thrips, caterpillars and more, they clean your garden of plant killing pests in a hurry.

Ground beetles: These nocturnal beetles are efficient and can save the life of your garden. Some of your garden’s enemies are slugs, snails, cutworms, cabbage maggots and caterpillars. A ground beetle eats all of these and not only that, one ground beetle can ingest more than 50 caterpillars in its lifetime so you definitely want to keep these around.

Lacewings: Farmers and gardeners love lacewings. They eat so many damaging pests and often farmers will order this insect in bulk to live among their crop. Lacewings eat aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, thrips, scales and whiteflies, all of which can turn your beautiful garden into a wilted, crunchy mess in no time.

Not all pest control comes in a bottle

There are many methods of pest control that are natural, chemical free treatments and Bull’s Eye Pest Control can help you implement the ones that will rid your home and yard of pesky invaders. Keeping your home and garden free of pests requires constant vigilance. Our experienced technicians can help you and give you advice for all types of pest control. Call us today!

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