5 Best Camouflaged Insects

16 Feb 2016

When you occupy one of the lowest seats in food chain, over the years you’ll do whatever you have to do for survival. Insects have been trying to adapt, survive and avoid being turned into lunch for millions of years. For their own protection, many species use camouflaging techniques to avoid detection from predators. Their portrayal of the nature that surrounds them has baffled and awe inspired us for centuries. How these insects blend in is worthy of mentioning in Bull’s Eye Pest Control’s top 5 picks for best camouflaged insects.

1-Tree stump orb weaver spider

This spider is almost impossible to find unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. That is how closely he resembles the bark and stump he is mimicking. Sitting on the end of a stick, he looks just like stump and tree himself. He does this for two reasons. The first reason is of course to avoid the notice of predators but the second is to surprise his prey. An unsuspecting bug comes along and BAM! Dinner.

2-Nolid moth caterpillar

This caterpillar is about the strangest thing you’ve ever seen. Most of its body is caterpillar like, though blending well into the leaf it sits on, but it’s swollen, bulbous and round thorax is very un-caterpillar like. Their main predator are birds and by resembling an unripe berry, these caterpillars hope to appear unpalatable to them because no bird wants to eat a sour, nasty berry. If only they knew that it was instead a most likely very delicious and delectably juicy caterpillar!

3-Bird dung crab spider

You’d have to be pretty desperate to avoid exposure by pretending to be a pile of bird crap. But the bird dung crab spider is just that desperate. By copying the appearance of bird feces, it can fake out its predators and prey, helping it to live another day and maybe snag its next meal. Good job, Mr. Bird Dung Crab Spider, good job.

4-Masked hunter beetle

As part of the assassin beetle family, this beetle decorates itself with dirt and dust so it can blend in with the dirt floor. It moves stealthily along the ground to avoid notice from its prey so he can then attack and feast. The unsuspecting victims hardly know what hit them before the masked hunter has pounced.

5-Leaf insect

This insect is rather remarkable. Unlike the katydid, which has just a body resembling a leaf, the leaf insect goes one step further to keep hidden. It’s head and legs all look like tiny leaves themselves. The edges of its body even take on a darker hue as to portray the worn and damaged edges of a leaf as well. These insects are masters of disguise and can be very difficult to spot.

Insects will stop at nothing to avoid detection from predators. Whether it’s camouflaging or hiding deep in the crevices of your home, they have developed defense mechanisms to avoid extinction. When you have an infestation in your home, you need professional help to get past these insect defense barriers and our trained technicians know just the right techniques. Our methods are guaranteed at removing these dangerous, damaging and obnoxious pests so call us today, we are happy to assist you!

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