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05 Jan 2018

What you need to know about crickets, provided by Bull’s Eye Pest Control in Temecula

You will often know when you have crickets in or around your home. Crickets are not harmful to us humans, but can sometimes be an annoying bug in some situations.

Male crickets create a “chirping” noise by rubbing their two wings together. Usually only the male crickets chirp, but some females do as well. It is a popular belief that crickets make the chirping noise by rubbing their legs together, but that is untrue. The rate and number of chirps per minute will vary depending on the outside temperature.

Identifying Crickets

There are more than 900 species of crickets. They are somewhat similar to grasshoppers, because they have similar body types and jumping hind legs. Body color and size is usually the easiest way to tell the difference.  They have flattened bodies bodies and long antennae. Crickets are generally black or brown and somewhat shiny.

Habitat + Behavior

Crickets usually live and breed outdoors and sometimes invade buildings in search of food, shelter or moisture. Adult crickets are attracted to bright lights on buildings. They are usually found living in tall weeds, heavy vegetation, under stones, boards etc and in piles of firewood, lumber and other debris.


-Clean up piles of leaf’s

-Store firewood away from the home and off the ground

-Seal as many exterior cracks and holes on the outside of your home

-Improve crawl space ventilation

For more information  or to schedule an appointment to treat your home for crickets contact Bull’s Eye Pest Control in Temecula CA


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  1. These are very good tips to reduce the amount of crickets around the house. rickets are delicious food to much bigger and poisonous pests.

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