Cockroach Control


Mar 2016

What you Never Wanted to Know About Cockroaches

You see them scatter when the lights go on. You can find them in your garbage can, your bathroom and kitchen. Having an infestation of cockroaches in your house is not something you will ever get used to or enjoy. One of the biggest problems that come from cockroaches is they are a reservoir of potential diseases. The Disease Reservoir Cockroaches have a varied diet....

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Mar 2016

Why you should use a Professional for Pest Control

With all the over-the-counter pesticides that are available from your local home and garden center, you might begin to wonder why you would ever need a professional pest control company. You might continue wondering until you begin using the generic products and you will quickly realize their ineffectiveness. When you want real results, Bull’s Eye Pest Control offers professional expertise that will eliminate any pest....

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Feb 2016

Insects That Travel in Packs

Temecula, California is famous for its wineries and vineyards. Taking a tour of these vineyards is an incredible experience and if you’re lucky, a little wine tasting would be the perfect treat! But did you know that there are pests that like sampling your treats as they take their party on a little tour through your home? Finding one ant or one mouse rummaging through...

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Jan 2016

How to Kill a Cockroach

When you think of an insect that is a survivor, cockroaches will be high on the list, if not number one. If your Menifee home has an infestation of cockroaches, you know firsthand the difficulties of do it yourself pest control. You buy a spray or fogger, wage war against the insects and find that a few weeks later they have returned. Before your frustration...

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