Bugs That Hibernate In Your Home during the Winter Season

04 Jan 2016


If you look forward to winter because that is the time of the year when insects and spiders have taken a cold weather sabbatical, you might not want to read this blog. Ignorance is nice, but knowing the truth will allow you to fight against infestations in your home that can occur when the weather outside is frightful. Bull’s Eye Pest Control is doing our part to help you control insects year round. If you have a pest outbreak in Temecula, we are your solution.

Winter Wickedness

Not all insects die when cold weather strikes. Here are a few bugs and where to find them.

  • Spiders:

    While the mother spider might not last the winter, her children will. Spider egg sacs are protected from cold temperatures. If you had spiders in your home during the summer, you might find more in the dead of winter. If your home is warm enough, those eggs sacs are going to hatch and you will find thousands of little arachnids.

  • Flies:

    You might think they are all gone, but flies hibernate. You attic is the perfect place. If you have a few holes in the vents on you eaves, flies will congregate in large numbers and huddle out the winter. Since your attic is warmer that the outdoors and it is safe from harsh winds and snow, it is a fly paradise to wait for spring.

  • Wasps:

    Queen Wasps and a few of her workers can overwinter in your chimney. If you turn it on, the heat will wake them up and soon you will have a few angry wasps inside your home. They can also use your attic, sheds and even your garage. If you have wasps during the summer, you might have a few uninvited stingers in your home when winter arrives.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control

When it comes to pest eradication, we mean business. Our technicians are trained, certified and will help you eliminate any infestation. We can identify the problem insect or spider and get them out of your house. No matter the time of year, you deserve a pest free home. Make the right decision this year and call Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

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