The Importance of Ongoing, Regular Service to Suppress Bug Populations

22 Feb 2016

bed bugs keeping you awake

When you think of bed bugs, does your skin start to itch? When people have suffered through bed bug infestations, they never want to get them again. Though bed bugs do not transmit diseases, they have a psychological effect on your sleeping. Insomnia loves bed bugs. When you want bed bugs to stay out of your home, you call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. When Temecula needs pest control, we are ready.

The Problem

Keeping bed bugs out of your home is becoming more difficult because of one word, hitchhike. That is what bed bugs love to do. They grab onto your clothing or hide in your luggage, purse, laptop or backpack and wait until you arrive home. If you think that bed bugs are only found in hotels, think again. We have found bed bugs in schools, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, movie theaters, public transportation, army barracks, hospitals, and even in personal vehicles. That’s right, bed bug infestations have been found in cars and trucks. Whenever you visit a place that has bed bugs, the little critters are always looking for a new host and they will hitch a ride home with you. The only way to protect your home and sleep from bed bugs is to have Bull’s Eye Pest Control step in with our regular, ongoing service option.

The Bull’s Eye Pest Control Solution

We will work around your schedule and set up periodic times when our skilled technicians will come to your house for treatment. We use the most current and scientifically proven methods for bed bug elimination and prevention. That means if a bed bug finds a way into your home, it won’t last long enough to become a problem. Our treatments are tough on bed bugs, yet safe for you and your family. With Bull’s Eye Pest Control you are getting the pest control in Temecula. When you want to say good riddance to bed bugs, you need Bull’s Eye Pest Control on your team. Call us today.

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