Unique Facts of Argentine Ants

04 Apr 2016


Argentine ants are not like the pavement ants you see building mounds in the cracks of your sidewalk. They aren’t like the bug red harvester ant you can find in vacant lots. Though confused with odorous house ants, argentine ants are unique. Argentine ants are not native to America. They probably arrived in the late 1800’s with coffee beans. Now they have spread throughout most of the southern states and throughout much of California. You know when argentine ants take over your home, because they will be everywhere. Here are a few facts about argentine ant brought to you by your friends at Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

  • Where the water is: Argentine ants are always on the search for water. If you get them in your house, they will congregate in areas with water. You will find them in your bathroom, along water pipes and even in your dishwasher.
  • Massive nests: Unlike other ants, argentine ants do not swarm and build a new colony. They form new queens and branch out from the old colony to form super colonies with numerous queens and millions of worker ants.
  • Keeping it inside: Other ants swarm when it is time for queens and male ants to mate. Argentine ants do not swarm. New queen and male ants will mate deep in the nest. This keeps the ants safe from predators like birds and reptiles.
  • Anything is good to eat: These ants are not picky eaters. They eat everything including; sugar, dairy, meat, dead animals, human waste, garbage, cooking oils, and grease. Because of their disturbing eating habits, if you see argentine ants in your cereal box it is better to discard your breakfast due to the bacteria they transmit.
  • Bull’s Eye Pest Control

    Since argentine ants want to take your home for themselves, you need to call in the experts with Bull’s Eye Pest Control. Eliminating ants is our kind of thing. Our technicians target the queens in the colony. That way, the entire nest will be destroyed. When you want to get serious about ant control, give us a call and we will help you kick the ants out of your home.


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