The Ants Will Soon Be Marching In

02 May 2016


When spring arrives everything begins to bloom. Flowers in your yard come up and you might begin a few outside projects in your yard. While you turn your attention to the outside, ants are turning their attention to the interior of you house. Their hives have been depleting their food storages and when warm temperatures hit, they are ready to find food. Many species of ant swarm to create new colonies in the spring. If you want to stop ants before they ever have a chance to get into your home, the solution is simple, call Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

The Ants

Some varieties of ants will take advantage of your food. Pavement ants nest outside, but if there are any crumbs on your floor you will see lines of ants marching through your kitchen. Other ants like the odorous house ant is content to make you house, its home. Odorous house ants smell like rotten coconut when they are crushed. If you don’t know what rotten coconut smells like, find an odorous house ant and give it a good smack. There is one variety that can damage your home. Carpenter ants dig tunnels through wood. They build massive galleries and tunnels. If your home is supported by wooden studs, carpenter ants would love to make their nest in the walls of your home.

Bull’s Eye Pest Control

Now, if you want to get rid of ants you need to give us a call. We are Bull’s Eye Pest Control and our technicians know ants. We know where they hide and we know how to find them. We can identify the type of problem ant and create a specific treatment plan that will eliminate the queen ants and eradicate the nests. We have options that will keep the ants away for good. When you want to stop marching ants, Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your local solution.

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