The Ant World

16 May 2016


Ants. We mostly see these tiny bugs as the disrupter of picnics, the invader of kitchens and the irritator of mankind. But why do ants do the things they do? Why do they come into our kitchens at all and steal our food? Where are they taking all that food? Where are their nests? What happens in those ant colonies anyway? While us humans go about our busy lives above ground, cooking dinner, going to work, or watching TV, ants are below us in massive ant kingdoms, all working together for survival, and tirelessly trying to expand their numbers year by year. Let’s take a deeper look at this mysterious ant world.

The ant family

The ant family community is a tight knit group made up of types of ants who all have jobs to do. The colony consists of the queen, who is the head of the family and the only responsible for laying the eggs, building the new generation. Next are the sterile female ants who care for the eggs and fetch the food for the colony. The male ants are called drones and their primary job is to mate with the queen and then they die shortly thereafter.

The ant home

Ants build their homes in many places but most dig out a nest below ground. They don’t typically live inside your house unless, they are carpenter ants. Carpenter ants love nesting near the infrastructure of your home. They chew through the wooden supports in your walls and their colony can do significant damage. Other types of ants nest in the ground outside your home, but find routes and pathways to your kitchen so they can steal food and leave. These ant colonies are deep and cavernous, going far into the ground with hundreds of pathways and rooms. Things are pretty organized and their community works together for survival.

brown ants

The lifespan

The queen in the heart of the colony and without her, they would die within a few shorts months. They need her. You may think that this is a good thing and your newly found ant infestation won’t last long but this is not true. Queen ants live a remarkably long time, 30 years to be exact. So if you are waiting for the colony to die out rather than get professional pest control, you’ll be waiting a very long time.

The solution

Being found on nearly every continent and country in the world, ants have taken their place in the world. They are an incredible insect but that doesn’t mean we need to join hands with them and embrace their culture. When they come into your home and invade your space, they’ve gotta go. The annoyance that ants bring, especially destructive carpenter ants, needs to be remedied. Bull’s Eye Pest Control has that remedy. We have been effectively protecting thousands of homes from pests for years and ants are no exception. Our methods are guaranteed to remove ants, yet safe and non-toxic for your family. Call us today, we are happy to help you!


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