Relationships in Nature: Aphids and Ants

16 Sep 2016

As a cow is to a farmer, an aphid is to an ant. That’s right; ants have been doing farming long before we ever came up with the idea. When a colony of ants finds a group of aphids eating your flowers, the ants move in to protect the aphids. The ants will chase off or kill the natural predators that would normally eat the aphids. In this environment, the aphids thrive. They grow quickly and when their numbers get high enough, they can damage your rose bushes, flowers or other plants. Aphids are sap suckers. They get onto the plant, find a juicy leaf or stem, and sink in their needlelike mouth.

Aphid cows

It might seem that the aphids are getting all the benefit. If you are wondering what the ants get out of this relationship, well the answer is pretty disgusting. Ants are after one thing, honeydew. Aphids drink sap and then defecate. Their sweet defecation is honeydew and the ants love it. Nasty, right? If you have ever sat below a tree and felt a sticky substance misting down upon you, you have just been hit with honeydew droplets. So, ants protect the aphids and the aphids feed the ants. The aphids increase in number until your favorite trees and shrubs are begging for you to help them.

Relationships in Pest Control: Bull’s Eye Pest Control

There is a way to break the ant and aphid cycle. All you need to do is grab your phone and call Bull’s Eye Pest Control. With us on your side, the ants won’t stand a chance. Our technicians are trained pest elimination specialists. We have the skills necessary to identify problem insects. Each pest is different and requires a specific treatment plan. That is what we do. Our technicians are problem solvers. When you call Bull’s Eye Pest Control, you are putting our years of experience to work for you. We have all the right equipment and expertise and that gives us the scientific edge over ant colonies. When you need Ant Control in Temecula, give us a call.

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