Invasive Species in California

10 Oct 2016

When it comes to California pests, you know that we have plenty. Our even temperatures and abundant food makes our state a haven for pests. Unfortunately, we also get a lot of new introduced species and many of these new insects become invasive. The reason newly introduced insects can spread and become problems, is because they lack natural predators. Without anything that wants to eat them, the exotic invasive pest numbers increase dramatically. If you have crazy insects thriving in your yard or home give Bull’s Eye Pest Control a call. Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your pest control company in Corona. No matter the type of pest, we have a solution.

The Invasive History

California is home to one of the most historic examples of good and bad invasive species. More than 100 years ago, orange groves were in serious trouble. An invasive species of insect called a scale was ruining citrus trees and spreading without control. Scales are insects that suck the juices out of plants. The problem with scales is they form a hard outer encasing that most predator insects avoid. If the problem had continued, you wouldn’t have been able to have any citrus from California. The solution was the lady bug. Lady bugs, or lady bird beetles, are what give scale insects nightmares. Lady bugs eat scales. They chew through the protective casing and devour the scale. Lady bugs were introduced and they devastated and controlled the scale insects. Thanks to the lady bug, you can enjoy your grapefruit for breakfast, and millions of Americans can enjoy California grown oranges. This is a story were one exotic insect was used to control another. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t often repeat.

Invasive Species

There are numerous invasive species that have been introduced into California. Here are a few that you might want to look out for.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: The Brown marmorated stink bug is a pest invader from China and will attack your vegetable garden, your fruit trees, and many of your shade trees.

Redhaired Pine Bark Beetle: This European invader is after your pine trees. An adult beetle will lay eggs on the bark of your favorite pine tree. Once hatched, the larva bore into the tree. One of the biggest problems with the Redhaired pine bark beetle is the spores they carry. These spores can severally damage roots and kill your tree.

Red Imported Fire Ant: If you disturb their nest, watch out, fire ants are vicious. If you are standing near their nest, the ants will crawl up your legs. A pheromone is released and all of the ants bite at the same time. Your legs will feel like they are on fire.

The Solution

Controlling pests is our kind of thing. Bull’s Eye Pest Control has been successfully eliminating pest infestations around homes and businesses for years. Our technicians understand the pests and we know how to eradicate them from your home and yard. When you want the best pest control company in Corona, call in the professionals with Bull’s Eye Pest Control.

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