Insects That Travel in Packs

29 Feb 2016

Temecula, California is famous for its wineries and vineyards. Taking a tour of these vineyards is an incredible experience and if you’re lucky, a little wine tasting would be the perfect treat! But did you know that there are pests that like sampling your treats as they take their party on a little tour through your home? Finding one ant or one mouse rummaging through your kitchen is disgusting and surprising as a homeowner. The first thing you want to do is get rid of it! However, if you get rid of that ONE mouse or ant, chances are the problem still exists. There are many pests that do not live solitarily. In fact, they live in colonies of thousands of their kind so if you see one, you most likely have a huge problem. Bull’s Eye Pest Control has the answers you need. Our inspections can let you know how big your infestation is. Below are a list of pests that travel in packs.



As depicted in thousands of cartoons over the years, we know that when ants show up to a picnic, they bring their friends. If you see an ant, get a professional in right away because there definitely are more of them and getting rid of an ant infestation requires expert care.



Mice, rats and other rodents live in family packs, multiplying in rapid rates. If you see a mouse in your house, you can bet he is running back to a family somewhere in your walls or attic. Getting a rodent problem under control is essential since they are very destructive pests and the longer you wait, the more damage they’ll cause.



These insects live in communities and when you see one cockroach, you’re bound to see more. Being photosensitive, they dislike the light and stay hidden in dark areas at all times. If you see one cockroach, there is undoubtedly an infestation. Getting the professionals to take care of this is a must since DIY methods for cockroaches seldom are successful. Bull’s Eye Pest Control has guaranteed methods to help you.



While some varieties of wasps are solitary, most bees and other varieties of wasps live in large colonies in a hive. Seeing one bee or wasp most likely means there are many of them fairly close in a hive. Stumbling upon a wasp or a beehive can be a dangerous thing. If they feel threatened, they may attack. You want a professional to take care of this job safely.

These are just a few of the pests that travel in packs but there are many more. If you see an uninvited, pesky intruder in your home, you need a professional in ASAP. It’s imperative to avoid loss of money and pest destruction to call in a pest control technician from Bull’s Eye Pest Control. We will help you get rid of them in a hurry. Your satisfaction is important to us so call us today! We won’t stop till the pests are gone!

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