Homeowners Beware: Carpenter & Fire Ants

25 Jul 2016

As a homeowner, there are many things you need to concern yourself with in order to protect your investment. One of the ways to protect your home is through routine pest control inspections. Pests are one of the quickest ways homes become damaged right under your nose. You may have no idea that just behind your walls, a whole army of carpenter ants are reducing the frame of your home to sawdust. It is a very real problem and one you need to be aware of. Regularly scheduled pest control inspections actually save you money. Because without them, pest infestations can literally eat away your home, costing you thousands of dollars in damage. One of these pests is the carpenter ant.


Carpenter ants

These ants are a very dangerous threat to your home. They work to get inside your walls where they will go undetected and grow their large colony. Some may think they are similar to termites, and while they destroy the wood structure of your home just like a termite, there is a difference. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood, they eat protein and sugar they may steal from your kitchen. Instead, these ants burrow tunnels and galleries through the wood for their colony to live in. An infestation of carpenter ants can greatly weaken the structures of your home causing an insurmountable amount of damage. And while we are on the topic of dangerous ants in your home, here is another contender…

Fire ants

The presence of fire ants in your home can be a really worry. They aren’t just an obnoxious nuisance, these ants actually cause pain. If they feel threatened, they will attack and bite, causing a burning kind of pain. With children and pets in your home, this is something you simply cannot live with. Waking up in the middle of the night to burning bites on your legs is a very rude awakening. To protect your loved ones, you need to get professional ant control to make sure they never have to experience that kind of fear and pain within the walls of your own home.

Bull’s Eye ant control to the rescue!

Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your answer for guaranteed carpenter and fire ant control. We offer the most comprehensive ant control around and are very thorough. We will not stop till the job is completed and the infestation is taken care of. Once the infestation is gone, it’s important to keep up with regular inspections to make sure these dangerous ants do not return. Give us a call today, we are happy to be your pest control specialists for years to come.

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