Oct 2016

My Pet got bit by a Black Widow

It is common for black widows to make their nests in your basement or garage. Unfortunately, they might also build their haphazard webs in areas where your pet might decide to explore. Black widow spiders are inky black. On the bottom of their abdomen you will notice a red hourglass shape. If your pet gets bit by a black widow, you need to make an...

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Sep 2016

Bugs to Watch Out For During Your BBQ

Nothing says summer as well as grilling meat and ice cold drinks. While you are planning the perfect barbecue there are pests waiting around in your backyard to ruin it. Unfortunately, everything that you love about your barbecue is what brings in the pests. They love sugar and meat and the pests think they have an invitation. Some pests are not after your food, they...

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Aug 2016

Which Spiders Are Actually Dangerous?

The moment you see an eight-legged creeper sneak up beside you or scurry out from under your furniture, it’s an instant adrenaline burst, even if you’re not terrified of spiders. Just the surprise of a spider tickling your arm or running out of a corner you’re cleaning, is a little unnerving. They like to hide and if they are found, the mere fact that some...

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Jul 2016

Triple Trouble in California

Spiders are naturally scary. When you take a look at them, with their eight spindly legs, swollen abdomen, you might feel a bit of fear. Knowing that they can bite you with those needle sharp fangs is another thing that adds to the notoriety of spiders. Despite all of their eerie characteristics, most of the spiders you find around your home are not dangerous. If...

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May 2016

California’s Most Dangerous Pests

From insects to rodents, Mother Nature is on the prowl. If you thought you were safe from dangerous pests in California, think again. Your home is their target. From the nice air conditioning to the food, everything you love about your home makes them want to invade. Bull’s Eye Pest Control is your solution for stopping pest invasions. Here are the top 3 most dangerous...

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Apr 2016

Spiders, Which Ones to Fear

If you have arachnophobia, you fear all spiders, even if they aren’t a threat because to you, all spiders are a threat. However, there are some common household spiders that are as harmless as ladybugs. These spiders cannot bite you, they only look a little creepy. That doesn’t mean you should a decorate a bedroom for them, but if you see them inside, there’s no...

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Mar 2016

Why you should use a Professional for Pest Control

With all the over-the-counter pesticides that are available from your local home and garden center, you might begin to wonder why you would ever need a professional pest control company. You might continue wondering until you begin using the generic products and you will quickly realize their ineffectiveness. When you want real results, Bull’s Eye Pest Control offers professional expertise that will eliminate any pest....

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Mar 2016

Identifying characteristics of Black Widows and Black Widow Webs

When you see a black spider, you might immediately think you are looking at a black widow. Unfortunately, there are a lot of spiders that are black. The only color more common than black among spiders is brown. Most black spiders are harmless, only the black widow contains potentially lethal levels of the dangerous neurotoxin that attacks your nervous system. Luckily, black widows come equipped...

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