Fleas & Ticks


Jul 2016

Camping with Crazy Insects

If you are like many southern Californians, when summer hits you are itching to get outside and start camping. There are thousands of great places to set up camp, but being outside means sharing your space with insects. Bull’s Eye Pest Control wants to you to be aware of which insects want to make your trip miserable. Freaky Fire Ants: These nasty red ants invaded...

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Jun 2016

When Ticks Attack

You know that bugs can be disturbing, if their mission is to bite you and drink your blood they become much more than disturbing. You can find ticks throughout America. Here in California we have several species which will gladly bite humans including; the American Dog Tick, the Brown Dog Tick, and the Western Blacklegged tick. If you are bit by a tick, biggest problem...

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Jun 2015

Pest of the Month: Ticks

Ticks are called pests for a reason, they are small, fast, and pretty hard to find. Though they live outside in trees and shrubs, they absolutely love warm-blooded humans and all of the four-legged friends that we hang out with. While ticks are mostly just annoying little nuisances, some of them do carry dangerous bacteria for diseases like Lyme disease (specifically black-legged Deer Ticks). While...

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