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Jun 2015

Pest of the Month: Ticks

Ticks are called pests for a reason, they are small, fast, and pretty hard to find. Though they live outside in trees and shrubs, they absolutely love warm-blooded humans and all of the four-legged friends that we hang out with. While ticks are mostly just annoying little nuisances, some of them do carry dangerous bacteria for diseases like Lyme disease (specifically black-legged Deer Ticks). While...

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Sep 2014

Pest of the Month: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the most feared and resistant pests in the United States. While there are around 4,600 species, only four of these are consider pests, causing problems within our homes. Learn more about this pest of the month, learning more about the specific species and the havoc they can cause in your home, as well as some general facts about cockroaches.   The...

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Aug 2014

Steps to Identify a Rodent Infestation

The longer rodents have to fester, the more damage they can deliver. Identifying a rodent infestation early on will make the steps to extermination faster and easier. If you have a suspicion of a mouse or rat infestation, or just want to conduct a routine check on your home, follow these steps to find the problem. From this point, you may need the help of...

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Mar 2014

Premier Exterminator in Murrieta California here

There are a variety of reasons on why you might want to go with a professional exterminator. First and foremost, there is the time and flexibility aspect. We mean, who has time to wait for the “buy guys?” Here at Bull’s Eye Pest Control, Inc., we realize that and make it a priority to work around your schedule.  As you probably are well aware of...

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Feb 2014

Reliable exterminator in Murrieta California here

As much as you probably would like to take care of the problem yourself, it definitely is in your best interest to hire a professional and arguably the best exterminator in Murrieta California, which is exactly what we offer here. When you bring in someone like us, you are guaranteed to get someone who is experienced and effective. In  the long run, it will cost...

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