Jan 2018

Crickets 101 | Pest Control Temecula CA

What you need to know about crickets, provided by Bull’s Eye Pest Control in Temecula You will often know when you have crickets in or around your home. Crickets are not harmful to us humans, but can sometimes be an annoying bug in some situations. Male crickets create a “chirping” noise by rubbing their two wings together. Usually only the male crickets chirp, but some...

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Aug 2015

5 Plants That Repel Bugs

To add to your well-cared-for garden, we’ve found five plants that every garden needs that not only are beautiful but will also provide an additional line of defense against annoying bugs.


Jun 2015

Pest of the Month: Ticks

Ticks are called pests for a reason, they are small, fast, and pretty hard to find. Though they live outside in trees and shrubs, they absolutely love warm-blooded humans and all of the four-legged friends that we hang out with. While ticks are mostly just annoying little nuisances, some of them do carry dangerous bacteria for diseases like Lyme disease (specifically black-legged Deer Ticks). While...

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